Campus Vinyl BucknellU (CVBU) is the Bucknell University chapter of the parent organization, Campus Vinyl. CVBU loves anything and everything having to do with music that Bucknell has to offer. It's a place where you can discover the next rising artist on Bucknell's campus, be updated on all musical events on campus, and even discover the musical talent of alumni. As an added bonus, you can stay up to date with the latest music news and releases around the world. CVBU is the first chapter of the greater Campus Vinyl federation and was founded Spring of 2013.

There is no limit to music’s power of connecting the world and bringing people together. Much of that music and innovation comes from the collegiate minds looking for that breakthrough opportunity. That’s what Campus Vinyl BucknellU is here for: to be the one-stop-shop for music loving students around the world.

Looking for a daily update on music from your campus, your country, or planet earth? Check.

Looking for a way to make your mark as a rising musician both on and off your campus? Check.

Looking to connect with alumni around the world for life-after-college opportunities? Check.

Campus Vinyl BucknellU is an online magazine that strives to bring the most interesting, relevant, and breaking music news to our audience while connecting students and alumni interested in music for postgraduate opportunities. It is the parent organization that supports all of its university chapters across the US to help guide them in highlighting the musical talent that their campus has to offer (currently only located at Bucknell University, but expanding soon).

Simply put, Campus Vinyl BucknellU is here for those people who can’t go a day without music. You, the student, are our reason for existence.

We love college. We love music. We love you. Let’s keep everyone on the same beat.