The 1975


Does the year 1975 have anything to do with the styles and textures evoked by this band in particular? Nope, but lets have a look, because their sound is as smooth and piercing as ever. Consider their pulsating rhythms and tonal harmonies enveloped in an M83/shoegaze style expressed by the opening track “The 1975”. To this day, the only time there was a title track on a self-titled album was Iron Maiden in 1998. Here we are 16 years later, still living this odd tradition.

The 1975 crushes poppy tracks over syncopated drumbeats, with vocals clearly and thoughtfully mirrored after the mid 2000’s Wombats/The Kooks style.

There is a subdominant use of clapping, which I do believe subtracts thrill and electronic vibe of the tracks.

The singles are there: Chocolate is a feel good driving song that has a very catchy hook-chorus, making use of the lead singers’ intricate accent.

I am a huge fan of bands that utilize the singer as more than just the lyrics or melody. The 1975’s lead singer uses unique timbre and crunchy syllables to fully harness his gifted singing style.

What we must consider most of all is the drums large role in creating The 1975’s consistent sound. The drums are so syncopated that they create gaps for the singer to spit poppy syllables and heavy vocal riffage combined with effected background vocals. On tracks like “Girls” and heavier tracks like “The City”, the drums really stand out and morph the song.

The 1975 are about to embark on a European and American Tour, playing every few days for the next three months. Expect their popularity to rise up; this band is crushing it currently and the sound is oh so solid.

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