Is 2 Chainz Really Different?


“Skrrr, skrrr, skrrr, skrrr, skrrr/Hit it with the fork.” To be completely honest after listening to some of 2 Chainz’s, for lack of better word, “interesting” music, I’m usually wishing that someone would hit me with a fork. But really, someone should stab me in the ears with a fork to save me from listening to his garbage ever again. I guess an alternative to that would be to hit 2 Chainz with said fork in order to stop him from producing music, whichever is more convenient.

I get it, that may sound a little harsh, but I don’t see how people can even remotely enjoy his attempt at making music. I give you kudos if you can get past the point in the song where he feels the need to introduce himself just in case you forgot he was the one singing. If you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, listen to just about any 2 Chainz song and in the first 20 seconds he will remind the listener that he’s singing by screeching, “2 Chainzzzzzzzzzz.”

Exhibit A:


Although I absolutely detest 2 Chainz and his music, I’ve always wondered if he was really unintelligent and that’s why his music sucked, or if was actually really intelligent and trolling his entire audience. I guess to put it into simpler terms, why do such intelligent rappers produce just plain dumb music?

While doing some research on 2 Chainz, formally known as Tauheed Epps, I discovered that despite the dumb music defining his career, he’s actually rather smart. According to various sources on the internet, Epps sustained honor roll grades throughout high school and eventually attended college on a basketball scholarship where his success, on and off the court, only continued. Here’s some footage of his abilities during high school.


Although I couldn’t find a reputable source to verify the multiple rumors, many articles online corroborated the fact that he graduated from Alabama State University with a 4.0 GPA. So after finding out all this almost unbelievable information, I couldn’t help but wonder why 2 Chainz produces such dumb songs layered with pathetic, meaningless lyrics.

There are a few possible answers to this question and all of them seem equally viable. Seeing as 2 Chainz appears to be smart, he probably has a decent perception of how to target his audience and what’s ‘going to sell’. Although singing about big booty hoes and strippers isn’t a testament to his apparent intelligence, 2 Chainz manages to rake in a plethora of listeners who live for his music.

Another theory I have revolves around the possibility of 2 Chainz actually being a satirist. Although this sounds rather far-fetched and ludicrous, with his intelligence and whit, it’s quite possible 2 Chainz could be fooling us all. Take for example his song “I’m Different”. The whole song, 2 Chainz merely repeats the same phrase over and over again: I’m different. Alright 2 Chainz, you’re not fooling anyone, you’re the same as every other rapper on the scene who sings about drugs, sex and women. Now take the same song, and instead of looking into it literally, think about it from a satirical standpoint. I could be giving 2 Chainz too much credit here, but I think he could be satirizing fellow rappers who think they are all unique and progressive, yet they all tend to regurgitate the same messages and ideas in all their songs.


Overall, I think it’s disappointing that someone with so much potential is allowing it to go to waste by singing about some of the dumbest things in the most unappealing manner. Aside from sounding like the rest of the terrible rappers that think they are changing the rap scene today, 2 Chainz contributes to the perpetuation of stereotypes that are fed to youth via music and the media.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate rap especially when its innovative, creative, and witty, but when it’s just a generic dude singing about the universal themes of rap over a shitty beat, I could care less. Although 2 Chainz proves to be doing just fine with the way he produces music now, it’d be intriguing if he decided to switch things up and pursue a different avenue.