2015: Memorable Moments


Plenty happened in 2015, in fact, so much happened that it would have been impossible to follow it all as one person.  That’s why you have us here at Campus Vinyl to pool together our individual best-music-moments of 2015 to share with you.  Here are our highlights of the past 365 days.    

Staci: Oh Wonder's Album Release


While I started listening to Oh Wonder's tracks religiously back in 2014, as they dropped on Soundcloud, this past year marked the release of their first full album.  Now some of my favorite musicians, Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West's electronic/indie-pop album is one I can listen to over and over without tire.  I can't wait to see them live later this month!


Marcus: Adele- Hello


After a 4-year hiatus, Adele stunned us all with the release of 25. This make-up album leads with the worldwide hit “Hello” but Adele showed us that she can do even more than her signature emotional belting. She covers her bases with the upbeat “Send My Love”, beautifully orchestrated “Love in the Dark”, and the grooving “Water Under the Bridge”. She’s even announced international and US tour dates for 2016. Adele made the comeback of a lifetime in 2015 she’s sure to stick around for 2016.


Joe E: Lollapalooza


Being from Chicago, I often wonder why 2015 was the first year I attended Lollapalooza, a three-day music festival held in the city itself. It was truly a unique and eye-opening experience; I had never attended a concert before, let alone a massively organized festival. One of the most incredible experiences I had there was watching Paul McCartney play as a main event, an experience which, in the year 2015, was a rare and incredible experience. I have been a Beatles fan for as long as I can remember, and to see one of my favorite childhood icons on stage was unforgettable.


Laura: Lollapalooza


My most memorable music event of 2016 was by far going to Lollapalooza in Chicago over the summer. Attending this festival was a complete impulse decision - we found a cheap flight about 2 weeks before, bought some tickets on Stubhub, and "called in sick" the morning of. Lolla was probably the largest and most eclectic festival I've ever been to - though my friends and I tend to stick to EDM artists, we opened our ears (and hearts) to musicians of all genres this weekend. Some standout performances came from RL Grime, Tame Impala, The Weeknd, G-Eazy and Dillon Francis. We also briefly heard Metallica, an experience that was heightened by the hoards of really, really excited middle aged white people in bandanas and denim vests - it was freaking awesome. Overall I'd recommend this festival to just about anyone - there is plenty of music (and food) for someone of any taste to enjoy, the crowd is kind, and the vibes are beyond groovy.


Ryan H: Slipknot


In 2015 Slipknot was an important band to me. The band opened a whole new world of music up to me. I doubt I went a week in 2015 without listening to a Slipknot song or discussing them with a friend. They had a large impact on my life and the way people saw me when I went to college.


Ryan G: Foo Fighters at Citi Field


Looking back at the year 2015, my favorite moment was the Foo Fighters concert I went to back in July. At the time and I still am a huge Foo Fighters fan so going to this concert with a few of my close friends was a dream come true. Throughout the whole year we squirreled away lunch money and spare change to pay for our tickets. By January we were able to pay for the tickets and we purchased them right away. Soon plans were made to take trains in and carpool home, and once we graduated seeing our favorite band play was a dream that was about to come true, except lead singer and guitarist Dave Grohl broke his leg. At this moment we didn’t think seeing the Foo Fighters was a possibility anymore and all of the saving and planning we did was all for nothing. After taking a dive off of a stage in Sweden, Grohl was immediately put in a cast and was unable to stand and perform. Then, just as we began to talk about trying to see if we could get a refund on tickets, news broke that Grohl engineered a pseudo throne for himself so he could still play all of the shows he scheduled. Thus, I was able to not only see the Foo Fighters play at Citi Field, but I was able to witness Dave Grohl’s rock throne in all its glory. Looking back 2015 was a pretty dank year for musicians and broken bones.


Tyler D: Mad Decent 2015


The notorious two-day Mad Decent (Brooklyn) music festival encompassed all of my favorite musical elements and trends of 2015. Between the psychotic visuals and motifs of Die Antwoord’s set, the free-for-all moshpit during Yellow Claw, and the genre-bending, satisfying headlining set by Major Lazer, this festival was an absolute party, a fitting, beachside conclusion to a mind-opening, bohemian summer. Watching the sun set into the Atlantic to deafening electronic beats, I knew that the face of music was changing, and for better or worse, this show was just a glimpse into what is to come.


Laur: Wayhome Music & Arts Festival -


I'm not the only one who thought Wayhome was the highlight of my summer - the inaugural festival in Burls Creek, ON garnered much critical acclaim and was cited as one of the best Canadian festivals of 2015. And how could it not have been? Musical highlights included an appearance by the perfection that is Hozier, being very near imminent death at a Girl Talk set, and a performance so incredible by Kendrick Lamar that I still haven't come up with a witty pun to describe it. Even though everything that could have possibly gone wrong did (we suffered through epic car battery failure, not to mention the cancellation of Passion Pit's set), I'm so happy that I ventured into Deep Canada with three of my best friends to experience the absolute mayhem that was Wayhome 2015.


Nick: Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens


Undoubtedly, my favorite album of the year is Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens. Prior to this record, Stevens hadn't put out a new album in a while and I can confidently say it was well worth the wait. The album is absolutely stellar from top to bottom, there isn't a single track I can say I actually dislike. Mind you, this album isn't for everyone. Anyone who knows about Stevens' past can attest to the fact that these lyrics are raw and emotional as they include narratives from Stevens' childhood, particularly his relationships with this mother and stepfather; however, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a listen. Aside from the lyrics, the instrumental part of the album compliments the intimate lyrics very well. Do yourself a favor and check out this album in addition to some of his other work because it's simply phenomenal.


Morgan: Campus Vinyl x The Rooks


I loved having The Rooks back to Bucknell for our annual register.  Besides being an incredibly versatile, technically proficient, and consistently show-stopping music group, they’re a bunch of all-around awesome guys.  After participating in the planning and implementation of their concert at Bucknell in 2014 as a journalist, I was thrilled to be able to help coordinate their return from a more hands-on position.  After weeks of communication and coordination, The Rooks finally arrived and, as expected, did not disappoint.  The group filled the venue with around 200 students from Bucknell; Uptown Nightclub was packed.  They played some new songs and some old songs, met their biggest fan, Parker, and spent some quality time with Campus Vinyl after the show.  An easy choice for my best 2015 music moment.


Did we miss your favorite 2015 moment? Leave a comment below! photo credit: flickr