Wow, in the last month Future has taken over the rap scene with two back-to-back Billboard #1 albums in a one-week period. His first album, the self-titled Future, was made for all the trap – rap fans who love to hear Future croon over a heavy beat, and his second album, the more radio friendly HNDRXX was made for the fans who like Future as an R&B singer.

Many of the songs on Future are reminiscent of the music on “56 Nights” and “Beast Mode”, which made him the star he is now. Future collaborated with many top producers such as Metro and TM88, and didn’t enlist any features for his first album of the year. I loved “Rent Money”, the intro to the album, and thought the preceding songs were equally as strong or better. Highlight songs such as “P.O.A” and “Mask Off” illustrate why many people are diehard Future fans, and “Feds did a Sweep”, is an extremely strong closer to the tape.  

HNDRXX, however, is more popular because of the relatable lyrics and softer less aggressive beats. The intro song, “My Collection”, was better than “Rent Money” in my opinion, because I loved how he came out of the gates singing. I was also a fan of “Testify” and “Looking Exotic”, but as a whole I enjoyed Future more. I respected Future for dropping another album that proved he was somewhat lyrical, but I felt that they were many filler songs that weren’t as consistent as Future was.

Even if you are not the biggest rap/trap fan, I recommend giving both these albums a chance. Future, is great for bumping music loudly at a celebration or in the car, while HNDRXX is something you want to listen to with nice headphones. Either way, give Future’s new albums a listen, because the man is really on top again after a slow 2016.