What to Expect at Warped Tour 2017

Warped Tour has always been a big event for me as summer arrives. Between anxiously waiting for the lineup to be announced, discovering new and upcoming bands, and seeing some of my long-time music crushes, it’s a day I anticipate year-round. Nothing rekindles my reckless, emo soul like walking around in the summer heat in a sweat-and-beer-drenched Taking Back Sunday t-shirt, getting pumped for the next band on my must-see list that day. If you want the opportunity to easily and casually meet some of your favourite artists (Personally, bumping into Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low was one of my more exciting encounters), drink all the energy drinks your heart can handle, dance like a belligerent animal with some sweaty strangers, and cop a sick tan line, you’ve got to give this event a chance.

On March 19, the alleged and long-anticipated lineup was leaked all over social media. If this leak is accurate, 2017 is in for an exciting and particularly diverse tour. Assuming the leak is legitimate, here’s what can be expected at Warped Tour 2017:    

Some Serious Headbanging

        Something noticeable about this year’s event is the number of post-hardcore, hardcore punk, and metalcore bands featured. If you’re willing to take your chances in the pit, definitely make sure Attila, Carnifex, and Emmure are on your list of bands to see the day you go. In addition to these guys, be sure to scope out Beartooth and Dance Gavin Dance (shameless plug, I’m obsessed with Dance Gavin Dance) if you’re passing by. Both bands don’t show up on the Warped lineup often and you won’t want to miss them.

A Few Throwbacks

        The alleged lineup also (impressively) included some middle school throwbacks. If you’re feeling especially emo, stop over at Hawthorne Heights’ show. You will probably find me center-crowd screaming along to “Ohio is for Lovers”. Don’t forget to show Bless the Fall and Silverstein their deserved love as well. Who knows, maybe Bless The Fall will break out in their long-forgotten “Purple Dog” jam.


We Ain’t Got No Place to Go, So Let’s Go to Some Warped Tour Shows

        Oh my punk! Aside from a prevalence of heavier bands making their appearances, the leak featured a pretty unexpected number of punk bands this year. Go get your inner-anarchist on and jam out with The Adolescents and Anti-Flag (mohawks encouraged). Just don’t get too rebellious – security won’t have any mercy for your punk-ass.

Lady Rockstars

        Hell yeah ladies! According to the alleged lineup, some incredibly talented women are gracing us with their music. Support your favourite females by turning up with New Years Day, Save Ferris, and the no-nonsense punk band War on Women.

Feel-Good Summer Jams

        No Warped Tour is complete without some upbeat summer tunes to get you feeling happy! When you’re ready for a break from throwing elbows with Hands like Houses and skanking with Save Ferris, make your way over to the stages featuring The Ataris, American Authors, or Trophy Eyes. These performances will re-energize you.

Sammy Adams (???)

        No joke, this is apparently happening.

If this alleged lineup is confirmed, 2017 is in for one hell of a Warped Tour. Got an interest in seeing any of these bands perform? Definitely look into purchasing tickets. No summer is truly complete without a day jamming under the sun.

Lauren Ziolkowski