Concert Review: Maggie Rogers @ The Bowery Ballroom

On April 11, Maggie Rogers returned home to New York City to perform at the Bowery Ballroom. The energy of the crowd was contagious and when the house music stopped and cricket noises radiated the space, everyone knew what song was coming. After a couple minutes of suspenseful cricket noises, Rogers came out from the side and started off the set with “Color Song.” I immediately noticed her unique outfit. Her attire consisted of white denim pants and a white denim jacket that were hand-decorated with colorful shapes and tassels.

Maggie continued the set with several of her more well-known songs on Now that the Light is Fading including “Dog Years” and “On and Off.” She transitioned without breaks for the first few songs, but then began to talk more with the audience. She explained how the last time she was at the Bowery Ballroom she was in the audience and how grateful she is to be performing on the stage she always looked up to, literally. She also spoke a bit about her experience as a student at NYU and how everything has happened so fast. She even began to cry towards the end of the show as she reflected on how far she has come.

Since Maggie has not released that many tracks yet, she decided to play a couple pieces that she wrote while at NYU. I was significantly impressed by them and think it would be awesome if she incorporated them into a new album.

If you’ve ever been to a bad concert, you probably understand the importance of not only live musical capability, but also stage presence. In addition to Maggie’s unique “folk-pop” music style, she definitely does not hold back with bringing all her energy to the stage. Her contagious jumping and wild dancing had the crowd engaged and energized during the entire performance.

Since I began following Maggie’s music just a few months ago, I have seen her popularity grow rapidly. Her career is just beginning to blossom into the creation of some more great music. The fact that she just graduated college a year ago and has already sold out several shows is beyond impressive. I am positive that Maggie’s rich passion for making music will lead her to continual success.