Hot Track of the Week: “New Religion" by The Heydaze

The Heydaze, a New York City based rock band, released their newest single, “New Religion,” on April 21st. This is the second single the group has released since being signed by Island Records in 2015, after releasing “Hurt Like Hell” this past summer.

New Religion” continues The Heydaze’s affinity for producing meaningful yet catchy lyrics that are guaranteed to stay stuck in your head for days (Look out for their other hits in an upcoming CV artist spotlight).

The song begins with a ringing guitar riff and the verses highlight how everyone is looking for “a little bit more” meaning in life. This energy builds to the chorus, which describes the mesmerizing power of love to wake you up in the morning, when the troubles of everyday life would otherwise make it difficult to do so.

The chorus captures this meaning with the line that spurs the title of the song, “watching you dancing in the kitchen, I could call you my new religion-- waking me up in the morning.”

With “New Religion,” The Heydaze build off of their success from “Hurt Like Hell” before touring this summer. The great lyrics and good vibes of “New Religion” should make this single a top hit on your Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube accounts.

If you like what you hear, check The Heydaze out live this summer and look into their songs from before signing with Island, such as “Dumb,” “Adderall,” and “Little Bandit.”