Bucknell Spotlight: Tom Ficcadenti

If you’re scoping out campus for a sick pianist, look no further than the Chi Phi house. Transitioning into his final year here at Bucknell, Tom Ficcadenti has been dabbling with the ivory keys since he was five. With so many years of experience, it’s no wonder he’s really mastered the instrument. Although everyone hangs out with Tom, the Computer Engineer from California, I was fortunate enough to speak with Tom, the superstar musician.

Tom was forced into taking piano lessons when he was a kid. He was initially against it, claiming he was pressured to learn classical music. Considering he wasn’t really vibing with the genre, he moved on to learning more unconventional piano songs. The first song he ever truly learned and enjoyed was “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Discovering that piano isn’t all just Beethoven and Bach, he developed a new appreciation for the instrument.

From there, Tom has learned an array of songs, ranging from tougher jams like “Boogie Woogie Stomp” and Weezer’s “Trainwrecks” to crowd pleasers like “Love the Way You Lie,” “Feel Good Inc.,” and A Day to Remember’s “If It Means A lot to You." His all-time favourite tune to play is “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals (I’ve seen him do it. He absolutely nails it). While lessons helped him learn chords and technique, Tom is now capable of listening to a song and trying to match it on piano by ear. He is even capable of performing songs by the electronic music producer Flume.

Following graduation, Tom is keeping an open mind about where his degree takes him. Being a guy who really enjoys code, his ultimate dream would to some day become a video game designer (Look out, Bethesda). Alternatively, he’s thought about developing and running his very own company at some point in his career. When asked to elaborate on this, he simply stated:

“I want to run my own company one day. I’d be the cool boss. All my employees will be like, ‘He’s the cool boss.'”

That being said, it does not look like Tom has any plans to become a rock star in the near future. However, if, by chance, you catch him in the music building, have him play you a tune. He loves fiddling around on the piano and you will certainly not be disappointed.