Label Spotlight: Run For Cover Records

Run For Cover Records is a record label featuring pop-punk and hardcore bands, along with an increase of indie rock and alternative bands. This label began in 2004 in a New England dorm room, and partnered with the Australian branch of Cooking Vinyl, a record company, in 2015. This label is known for promoting more well-known pop-punk bands such as Citizen, Modern Baseball, Seahaven, Tigers Jaw, and Turnover. Upon signing with this label, all of these bands have experienced increased success, along with development and change in their overall sound. For instance, upon signing to this label, Citizen was able to release their first full-length album, Youth. All of these more well-known bands bear similarities in that they place a larger emphasis on strong guitar accompaniment and emotionally evocative lyrics, elements common in pop-punk music. However, these bands have qualities that make listening to each of them a unique experience. For instance, despite being known as a pop-punk band, Turnover adds elements of shoegaze into their music to give off a more dream-like sound. This could be heard in the song “Humming,” where a distinct hum given off by a guitar pedal can be heard in the background of the song.

Something that makes this record stand out to me is that while it does promote these up-and-coming pop-punk bands, it has also recently began to focus on lesser-known alternative and indie rock bands. Such bands include but are not limited to Pity Sex, Elvis Depressedly, and Teen Suicide. As opposed to their pop-punk counterparts, these bands featured slightly distorted vocals, a heavier bass, and a more mysterious and melancholy mood to their songs. While these bands took elements from shoegaze music, such as the technique of distorting vocals, these bands also use technology to intentionally add fuzzy, static-like elements to further distort the sound of the song. Although such a technique may seem slightly bizarre, it actually adds to the overall ambience of the songs, giving them a somewhat vintage feel. Such a technique can be heard in the song “I Wanna Be a Witch” by Teen Suicide.

Overall, Run For Cover Records has been one of my favorite labels, due to the fact that not only have they enabled me to watch some of my favorite bands such as Citizen and Modern Baseball grow, they have also allowed me to check out bands I typically would not have found out about such as Teen Suicide. If you’re looking to find pop-punk bands with lyrics that will stay in your head for days, or give more alternative music a try, I highly recommend listening to the bands that signed with Run For Cover Records.