Hot Track of the Week: "Slide" by Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, Migos

Released Feb. 23rd, “Slide” by Calvin Harris should’ve been the go-to track at supers and parties this weekend. The week breezed by, with Bucknellians swept up in the intoxicating allure of sunshine and picnics on warm grass; groups of students studying (and tanning) filled the quad from midday till sunset. “Slide”, a funky dance track backed up by Frank Ocean’s smooth vocals and Migos’ percussive flows, catches this warm mood Bucknellians have loved every precious second of.

This song fits well into any pre/post-game playlist, for the times when you’re sipping on an ice-cold mixed drink with friends without a care. Yet, in the hands of even a novice DJ, this song could also find quality airtime at parties on account of the high sample-ability of the beat.

As we enjoy summer, slide into your flip-flops and turn up your speakers, and bump “Slide” all day long!