Artist Spotlight: Two Feet

By Noah Grossman

“Go Fuck Yourself” appeared in my Spotify suggestions in late August; I gave it a listen mostly because the name drew me in. To put it in simple terms, I loved it. Similar to the rest of Two Feet’s music, it has an incredibly unique vibe. Two Feet is a self-described indie artist, however I would describe his music as some sort of bastard child of EDM and Blues. His music somehow conjures up the sounds of late ‘60s blues while simultaneously sounding like modern EDM artists.

There is not much information about Two Feet online, as he is a fairly new artist and not very well known at this point. What he shares on social media shows that he is a young man from Harlem, New York. He released his first album First Steps in late August onto Spotify and Soundcloud. It is only four songs, but each song is incredibly well-developed, and they each sound different enough that they do not bleed into each other. The first is “Go Fuck Yourself,” which is the most popular with 16 million plays on Spotify. As of now, it is Two Feet’s defining song. The mood of the song matches the name, as it has an angsty feel to it, and is very vulgar, but it also has an almost calm and cool nature to it. The “drop” is incredible, with a lot of bass and a melody that almost sounds like it belongs in a Hendrix song.

The next song on the EP is “Her Life,” which is the second most popular song of his, and rightly so. “Her Life” has an even bluesier sound than “Go Fuck Yourself,” and Two Feet’s almost whispery voice adds a mysterious nature to the song. The songs “Quick Musical Doodles” and “You’re So Cold” round out the album. They are less complete than the other two, however, they are still great listens. In all, First Steps is an incredibly well done, and exciting first album. Each song on the album showcases Two Feet’s potential, and I am excited to hear his unique sounds in the future.





Also on Spotify, if you have an account.