Alumni Update: Chris Becket

Image courtesy of Brett Walter

Image courtesy of Brett Walter

What can you do with a BSBA degree with a focus in Accounting and Financial Management? One Bucknell University alumnus decided he was going to pursue a career in the music industry. Since his graduation in 2015, he has been heavily involved in mixing music as well as familiarizing himself with music production. Although you can catch him on social media under his stage name Chris Becket, you probably know him better as JT Engels.

Currently residing in New Jersey, JT has been designing his own music studio where he can mix and produce in the comfort and intimacy of his apartment. He was a heavily involved student during his time at Bucknell. Among many of the activities he was involved with are OA and OL, brother of Chi Phi Fraternity, teaching assistant for MGMT 101, tour guide, and Commencement Ambassador for the Class of 2014. He also served one term as the Interfraternity Council (IFC) President. Through each of these programs, JT has had the privilege of meeting some incredible people. In fact, his interest in mixing and music production was sparked at Bucknell:

“I’ve always been really intrigued by the production side of music, but it took me a while to figure out which direction I wanted to take it. Mixing and producing generally go hand in hand with electronic music so it made a lot of sense. I also had a bunch of friends at Bucknell who would mix music, so when I finally started mixing I was easily able to see why they all loved it so much. I love how the music is able to move people in so many different ways,” he said.

As of today, JT has released three mixes, “Friday Night Freak Mix 1,” “Friday Night Freak Mix 2,” and “Friday Night Freak Mix 3.”  These mixes are released every other Friday and can be found on JT’s Youtube page as well as his SoundCloud. Despite what the name implies, these mixes are not required for a Friday night. Check them out when you need a mood lift or a reason to dance. Each mix has its own sound and story.

JT’s hope for the future is to incorporate his own music into his mixes. His ultimate dream is to perform worldwide and one day teach music production. All of these aspirations are in the works and this Bucknell alumnus is going after them head on. Peep some of his social media below:

Soundcloud: www.