Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band's 50th Anniversary's_Lonely_Hearts_Club_Band#/media/File:Sgt._Pepper%27s_Lonely_Hearts_Club_Band.jpg's_Lonely_Hearts_Club_Band#/media/File:Sgt._Pepper%27s_Lonely_Hearts_Club_Band.jpg

The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band which contain some of my favorite songs ever made by the band. The work done by the band is considered by many to be the greatest album of all time. I certainly am one who agrees with the common held belief that this special concept album was a complete masterpiece filled by stories about love and childhood that took the band to a new level.

Angry about touring around the world and what they have become the band agreed to use an idea of using alter egos and hence that was how Sgt. Pepper’s is believed to have started. The Beatles start the album with the title song, followed by "With a Little Help with My Friends."

This is followed by the beloved "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" with even though it shares the acronym of LSD John Lennon swore that it was based off a drawing by his young son. The magical and playful opening is following by more serious yet still whimsical songs until it reaches one of my favorite songs on the album "She’s Leaving Home" the sentimental and probably the most beautiful song on the album which discusses family dynamics and loss which makes it the most thoughtful song on the entire album.

The entire album is entirely inventive and creates new sounds which musicians are still not able to create the creative synths and progressive strings playing by the whole band not just Paul and John allowed the album to grow into what it was. It truly worked for a rare occasion of talented artists harnessing their egos yet creating things that were brilliant working together. Such example is the combination of verses in "A Day in the Life" which ends the album. Paul wrote the first verse and John wrote the second and they don’t seem that they would work together well yet they seem to work brilliantly.

There are other songs that work wonderfully on the album with its harmonious and cool showings. Sgt. Pepper's is such a cool album to listen to over and over again and the work that was done on every track has never been replicated in any such way by any other band. It is truly hard to believe that no one has come close to replicating the popularity and love that Sgt. Pepper's gets as it achieves what very few other albums have been able to do in my mind and that is to create a “conceptual masterpiece.”

Sgt. Pepper's truly has stood the test of time even as the Beatles are long gone along with two of their members. Usually a great album has 4 great songs but Sgt. Pepper's I believe has 7 masterpieces while the rest of the work is sublime with very little bad moments. Sgt. Pepper's is brilliant and it is still beloved as it has reached its 50 year anniversary. The best part will be that in another 50 years people will continue to listen and love the album that cannot be matched.