"The 20/20 Experience: Part 2" Album Review


We all know Justin Timberlake. You know, the superstar who absolutely kills it on stage and behind the camera. At this point in his career, I feel his ego has inflated a little too far. To start off, to call your album “The 20/20 Experience” is obnoxious. Yeah – this truly is an experience, because he produced a double album with two hours plus of music, but I really think he should have stopped after Part 1. My review on Part 1 for Campus Vinyl BucknellU absolutely raved about JT. He’s continuing a strong effort to tackle the modern disco/club scene with anthems such as “Take Back The Night,” and "TKO." Check out the music video of "Take Back The Night" below, it's pretty dope. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great album, but some songs are 6+ minutes long and you tend to get bored half way through. Although the same applies for Part 1, I was engaged throughout the obscure transitions and abnormal song structures (A/B/A/B/C, etc.). They have similar verses, breakdowns, and syncopated beats. However, when JAY-Z comes in on “Murder,” I was immediately hooked. Guest appearances revive JT – Drake also comes in on “Cabaret,” which is a dope song as well. JT continues his gorgeous falsettos that maintain a spacey feel as he returns to his pop groove. Even on the honky tonk tune “Drink You Away,” Timbaland brings in some synthy raunchy acoustic guitars that blend everything very nicely. This album is definitely worth a listen, and I’m sure some songs will be shortened to make radio edits so the world will continue to hear JT in their cars and in the spotlight. This isn’t bad music – he just should have let part one stand for all its glory and waited a little longer to make more music. JT – you just gotta do you. This was tight, but you gotta mix it up if you're putting out a double album. Common. The Chili Peppers absolutely destroyed Stadium Arcadium. Keep those records spinnin,




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