30 Seconds to Mars Soars “Up in the Air” for Filming


The video starts off with a skull pendant of their logo and then shots of the band walking into an abandoned warehouse. Then there are lions, zebras, and circus acts, oh my! While that gave you no clear idea of what this song is about, the title says it all, this is a review of 30 Seconds to Mars’ new music video for their first single, Up in the Air, off of their upcoming 4th album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS. 30 Seconds to Mars is made up of members Jared Leto, lead vocalist, older brother Shannon Leto, drums, and Tomislav "Tomo" Miličević, lead guitar. I’ve literally had this video on constant repeat for a couple days now, it’s just that awesome. There’s always something new to find in it, whether it’s the talented and mysterious people in the cast, the amazing technical setup, or even the posh pink mechanical rodeo bull. Get excited. With a warning to those sensitive to photo epilepsy starting off the short film, this video begins with the album title being narrated over quickly-changing shots of the different guests on the video, all of which make quite an impact on the titular interpretation of the song. The film often references the concept of being “up in the air” with soaring gymnasts, masked drummers, flying insect tamers, to just plain defiant attitudes, anything that takes you above the grounding and demeaning influences of society that we encounter everyday

Always striving to provoke emotions, 30 Seconds to Mars uses a lot of different camera angles and time effects to really draw your attention to every facial muscle, expression, talent, and even color involved in the video. There is an amazing cast for the video, spanning an unexpected part of the human spectrum, ending in a collision of color and beauty and raw emotion.

I definitely think that the video works well with the anthemic nature of 30 Seconds to Mars’ new single. If this is just the start of their upcoming triumph (with Jared Leto still rocking it at 41!), then I can’t wait for the album to be released, estimated to be sometime around May 21, 2013. Check out the video below, you won’t be disappointed!