The Killers Take a Shot at a New Single


Last week The Killer’s released their newest single Shot At The Night, not even a year after their latest studio album Battle Born dropped.

The band is using their new song as a build up to the release of Direct Hits- a compilation of their singles from CD’s past (see the complete list below) Along with Shot At The Night, new song Just Another Girl will also be featured. The album is set to be released November 11.


So what do we make of this newly released single? Well, as an avid and dedicated Killers’ fan it pains me to say that something is lacking. I miss their harmonies and catchy “oh’s” and “ah’s” in their back up vocals, reminiscent of Sam’s Town or even Day & Age, which seemed to bring their sound to another level.

The song’s almost there, almost at that point, but needs that extra push to really stand out, to make it one of those songs that will get stuck in your head for hours which Shot At The Night just doesn’t bring.

Don’t get me wrong, its still a great song and I’m still very excited about it, but when you know it could be better, that’s a tad disappointing. Hopefully The Killers will find their way, possibly veer away from their Western/Cowboy fascination back to their pop-synth or even preferred rock variation which really drove them to fame.

As for Direct Hits, the album will feature everything from Mr. Brightside to Miss Atomic Bomb; seemingly appropriate now that their story has come full circle. The band is also working with some great names. Just Another Girl, one of the new songs to be featured, is produced by Stuart Price who’s worked with Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys and also produced The Killer’s Day and Age as well as frontman Brandon Flower’s solo album Flamingo. But perhaps most excitingly is the release of Shot At The Night, recorded with M83’s Anthony Gonzalez, so be sure to listen for M83’s techy/electronic sound when listening to the single.

Overall, I’m pleased with this move. I think its a good strategy being that their previous album never really took off- What better than to remind people of how awesome you are? Maybe when this is all said and done they’ll go back to their old sound or find one that they’re comfortable working with. As for now it’s a shot in the dark (pun intended).

Direct Hits Mr Brightside Somebody Told Me Smile Like You Mean Itthe-killers-direct-hits-1024x1024 All These Things That I’ve Done When You Were Young Read My Mind For Reasons Unknown Human Spaceman A Dustland Fairytale Runaways Miss Atomic Bomb The Way It Was Shot At The Night Just Another Girl

Deluxe Version Also Includes: Mr. Brightside (Original Demo) When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix) Be Still