A Cappella for Newtown: Benefit Concert for Newtown Teacher Scholarship


I think we’ve all tried to shove the tragedy in Newtown, CT away under our beds after the immediate shock hit us all and we did what we could to help.  But this Saturday, a nationwide movement to help the effects of the tragedy comes to Bucknell’s campus, and with it the opportunity to confront this terrible tragedy in a sustainable way. A Cappella for Newtown is having a concert here on our campus featuring four of Bucknell’s own a cappella groups, The Offbeats, The Silhouettes, Beyond Unison, and Two Past Midnight, the group that is spearheading the event.  All proceeds will go to the Newtown Teacher Scholarship, a new program that will help defray school costs for students from Newtown who are pursuing a career in education.

628x471Ellie Frazier (’15), a member of Two Past Midnight, says that they were contacted by Kyle Lyddy, the man heading up the event, and asked to share in the excitement of the event by being a part of it.  Daniel Zaldaña (’15) also of Two Past Midnight had this to say on the event: “He gave us a proposition of getting a cappella music to be performed all on the same day at the same time for this scholarship fund. We were all really excited to be a part of something like this… we’re really excited to team up with the other groups."

The event is happening in Trout Auditorium this Saturday, March 2nd at 7PM.  There will be a $5 admission fee, with additional contributions being welcomed and appreciated.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be an awesome event, filled with amazing performances for a great and worthwhile cause.

Keep your eyes and ears open,

Marcus Schenck