A Chat With Bucknell's Finest: The highly adored and sought out Doug Bogan


As a senior, DJ Doug Bogan’13 has become a Bucknell party must-have. Not only is he sought after for Bucknell parties and events, but his sounds are also desired at other schools and venues such as NY’s Webster Hall. The electronic world has had their eye on Doug Bogan, Hypem.com ranking him Top 15 and Top 25 status with “How? Whatcha Say?” and “Raining California Girl.” Doug says he will be, “hitting the road between now and the end of the school year, getting to see San Diego, Atlanta and lots of places in between.” Fortunately, he will be with us this weekend at house party,  giving us a taste of some new progressive house and trap tracks, of course with some throwbacks and crowd favorites. Having DJ'ed for four years, Doug knows how to get the crowd going with his remix, "Around Our Direction,” a mash up of T Swift, One Direction, and Motion City Soundtrack, or Cascada’s Everytime We Touch, which, “Takes people back to middle school dance land and that's the best.” Doug talked to me about what first drew him into Djing. During his senior year of high school, him and his friends would throw 500+ person “raves” at his teen center every two months. In order to throw these events, one of his friends taught himself to DJ- Doug watched for a year or so and decided it was something he wanted to try out and we are so very glad he did. I’ve attended many a DJ Doug Bogan party and I am always glued to the dance floor the entire time. I wondered if the music blaring out of the speakers while I’m dancing my face off has always been the same type of sound. He talked to me about the range of music he plays and how his style has changed over time:

“I started out making simple ‘A vs B’ mashups (vocals of one track layered over the instrumentals of another track). Once more and more DJ's started breaking into the scene, I realized that I wanted to push myself a bit more and started making more complex mashups. In terms of style of music, I used to work with a lot of rap and throwback pop tunes. I then explored the world of dubstep mashups and am now working on EDM bootlegs and original tracks of my own incorporating other instruments and genres (classical, jazz, etc). It's kind of all over the place at this point, but that's what keeps it interesting for me.”

As his music keeps changing, his fan base stays loyal, and ever-growing. He says his favorite part about a show is the aftermath- “When someone comes up after a set saying how much he/she enjoyed some super-obscure song I threw into my set. We get to talking and nine times out of ten we realize that we are totally on the same page in our respective tastes in music. That's way cool.” Though these interactions are precious to him, there are those of which he doesn’t fancy as much- he says that it is highly common that drunk kids will plea relentlessly for a song he played just five minutes before they showed up to the event (Doug doesn’t repeat songs during shows). Thankfully his tour manager, John Chestnut,  Doug says has dealing with situations like this ‘down to a science.’ Either way, interactions meaningful or shwastey, Doug is looking forward to the energetic Bucknellians House Party brings, eager to dance the night away as his plays his set this weekend. House Party reminds him of NYC shows, because everyone is really amped to be there. His says that at House Party the crowd is usually, “much bigger than the average weekend register and everyone is ready to go,” he can count on the room being filled with energy.

I was curious about Doug’s personal taste and what he listens to on his own time--check it out below:

What is your favorite type of music to play at events?

Personally, I love cross-genre music, something people can connect to while exposing them to new music and ideas at the same time. I really like playing lesser-known trap music, and really catchy/interesting remixes of tunes people know. These days, I always keep it within the EDM realm but will also mix in tracks that I'm into that people haven't necessarily heard before. When I go to hear a DJ, I want to be exposed to tunes I haven't heard before whole also being able to sing along to some stuff. I try to keep that in mind when I play, as well.

What is your favorite song to play?

At this moment, once I'm deep into a set and I know people can handle it, here's my favorite: Express Yourself (Gent & Jawns Remix) - Diplo...into... and I Knew You Were Trouble (PRFFTT and Svyable bootleg) - Taylor Swift

Is this music you listen to on your own time?

Yes, but no. It depends on my mood and what I'm doing. I listen to the music I DJ to keep up with the times, staying on top of the Hypem charts and DML features (it's also really fun to bump that on my 2 15" subs in the trunk of my car when I'm driving). However, I prefer listening to jazz and its many sub-genres or really downbeat electronic music - that's where it's really at for me, and it challenges me from a listening standpoint, which I love.

Lastly Doug shared a neat house party moment from a previous year: Two years ago, I was playing with The Dean's List and Starting Six at SigEp. That was hands-down the most insane, out of control show I've ever played. We had to crowd surf The Dean's List DJ gear, guitar amps and drum set through the crowd to the door. Can't say I've seen that before. So that, followed by Starting Six playing their big track,‘Thirsty,’ four times and it got better every single time.

Make sure to dance your way to SigEP this Friday and Saturday night to catch DJ Doug Bogan’s set. I’ll see you all there; I’ll be the one whipping her hair back and forth.