A Chat with “Log Cabin”


It’s not every day that you come across a band named after a house. That’s why I felt it absolutely necessary to see what was up with a new student band on campus: Log Cabin. Featuring Campus Vinyl BucknellU's very own Connor Small ’15 and additional members Bryan Herzog ’14, Taylor Haas ’14, Andrew Gruseke ’16, and Chris Schrader ’14, Log Cabin is a musical collaboration that boasts talent, friendship, and a passion for playing anything and everything. Check out my interview with the group bewlo:  

Why the name "Log Cabin?"

Small: “Basically, it’s just an inside joke that came from our shenanigans.”


What style of music does your group play?

Herzog: “We play a little bit of everything (rock, classic rock, reggae, rap, country).”


How do each of your individual musical styles influence one another?

Herzog: “Our musical styles and tastes are very similar, so it was pretty easy to get together and become cohesive as a group.”


What instruments do each of you play?

Herzog: Drums

Haas: Bass, Piano

Small: Guitar, Vocals

Schrader: Bass, Vocals (Rapper)

Gruseke: Lead Vocals, Guitar


How did each of you get your start in music?

Herzog: “I started taking [drum] lessons when I was 12, and I’ve never stopped.”

Small: “I started to play the piano at age 6, picked up guitar at age 11, and I played in various bands in high school.”

Gruseke: “When I was in pre-school; I played tambourine for the school play. I never looked back.”

Schrader: “I played a little bit of everything, but the bass guitar was something I enjoyed the most.”

Haas: “I’ve been playing piano since I was 10. I recently picked up the bass during spring break.”


733822_2039647362123_838586312_n What musician(s) inspire each of you?

Herzog: “Brad Wilk and Chad Smith.”

Small: “Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Frusciante.”

Gruseke: “Celen Dion, my guardian angel.”

Schrader: “Flea.”

Haas: “John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Elton John.”



Where will you perform in the future?

Herzog: “We will be playing at the occasional Saturdays downtown.”


What do you like most about the Bucknell music scene? What do you hope to change about it?

All: “Super Saturday music and culture is very cool. It’s great how live bands can put on a good show for all. Playing outside is pretty sweet; we would like to make that a frequent thing.”


So the next time you’re Super Saturday-ing, don’t miss a performance by Log Cabin. These funny, talented guys will surely please all audiences from backyard to backyard. The best part? You never know what style of music you’re gonna get; that’s the fun in listening!

Don’t Stop the Beat,

Jen Lassen