A Look from Inside the Fan Base: Jet Black Heart Music Video Review


In this video, 5 Seconds of Summer didn’t necessarily do anything new by asking their fans to help them create their music video for their new single “Jet Black Heart” from their sophomore effort, Sounds Good Feels Good. They just had really dedicated fans and did it better than I’ve ever seen before. The song itself is pretty tumultuous and heartfelt but it’s touching to see how much all of the fans in the video really take the lyrics to heart. Fans were able to submit videos for consideration in which they discussed their lives and what the album means to them. What’s also great about this video is that band doesn’t try to steal the spotlight from the fans when they are actually shown. They share the spotlight with them. Not a single member of the band makes an appearance until the pre-chorus! This song is about knowing you can be so much more than your flaws and the progression of the footage throughout these four minutes that displays this sentiment is incredible. People from all walks of life are pictured and I can’t help but wonder what all of their personal stories are. It’s clear that there’s not a single person in the video who doesn’t believe what they’re saying.

All in all, if 5SOS can continue to make music that positively impacts their fans like this, then I hope this video is just the start of an even greater showing from the band and fans alike.

Take a listen and watch and leave a comment about your feelings on the video!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0X7u_mmREE[/embedyt]


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