A$AP Mob Comes to Copenhagen


I won’t lie – upon my arrival in Copenhagen, I immediately followed the rest of my study-abroaders in joining the wonderful world of Danish Tinder.  After all, Danes – with their tall stance, blonde hair, and impeccable style – are practically irresistible.  What I didn’t expect when joining this exciting, nerve-wracking, and hilarious online community was the overwhelming amount of shared music interests I would have with so many Danish men.  If I had to give an estimate, I’d say upwards of 50% of them and I had some sort of common musical interest.  And the most frequent one was, to my surprise, A$AP Rocky.  I’d heard lots about Scandinavia being the hub of house and electronic music, but never rap or hip-hop.  But as time progressed, I started to notice more and more A$AP, Yeezy, and Kendrick merch spread around the city in the form of jerseys, laptop stickers, and more.  So when I heard A$AP Mob – Rocky’s crew consisting of A$AP Ferg, Nast, Yams, etc. – was coming to Copenhagen, I knew I had to attend.  Yes, Rocky is one of my favorite rappers, but I had no idea what to expect going to an A$AP Mob concert in the middle of the blonde-filled “happiest nation in the world.”  Copenhagen was also, of all the group’s Euro-tour locations, the only Scandinavian city they would attend. Well, it was certainly an interesting experience.  First off, unlike us Americans, Danes are extremely punctual people. When I read “Doors Open 8PM” on the ticket, I assumed there would be an opener of some sort and that A$AP would not come on stage until at least 9:30.  I was completely wrong.  At 8PM sharp, the lights dimmed and overhead you heard a slow, drawn out, “ASAAAAAAAP.”  The crowd went wild.  Hoards of tall, skinny, blonde people decked out head-to-toe in monochrome skinny sweatpants, snapbacks, and Nike Frees began to chant, “ASAP, ASAP, ASAP…”  Finally, the curtain rose, and the distinct melody to A$AP Mob’s “Hella Hoes” began to fade in.  As the song got louder, A$AP, along with the crowd, got increasingly rowdy.

asap pic2

The show continued with everyone joining in on originally individually produced tracks.  This is what made the concert so fun: the entire mob stayed on stage for each track, regardless if it was just by Rocky or Ferg.  When the beat to Ferg’s “Work” began to play, the crowd went crazy, shouting “Coogi down to socks like I’m Biggie Poppa!”  This same hype went for all the big A$AP hits including “Fashion Killa”, “1 Train”, and Rocky’s latest hit, “Multiply”.  As expected, the audience couldn’t contain itself during “Wild for the Night.”  Besides Rocky, the rest of A$AP Mob added in fun ad-libs throughout this track and Ferg even dove off stage to crowd-surf.  How the lanky Danes were able to carry his big body is truly beyond me, but it was seriously awesome.  Later in the show, as we suspected it might’ve been coming to an end, Rocky cut the music going, “hold up, hold up, we haven’t done anything for the ladies tonight.”  He proceeded to bring girls from the crowd on stage, yelling “you! And you! Yeah you!” as he pointed to many of the willing ladies in the audience.  Afterwards, the crew continued to perform Rocky’s signature hit, “Goldie”.  It was a sight to see – every single one of these Danes was belting out each Rocky lyric perfectly.  He would often stop rapping and point the mic at the crowd, confident that they’d thoroughly and expertly fill in the line.  The same went for the two following songs, everyone’s A$AP Ferg favorite “Shabba” and the classic Rocky track, “Peso”.

asap pic3

It had reached the point in the night where the performers were burning out – i.e. a shirtless Rocky profusely sweating – and most of the crew’s best-known songs had already been performed.  A couple of A$AP Mob members consistently spoke into the mic, “Nah, I don’t wanna go yet…” but the show nonetheless began to wane.  They stayed on stage for maybe 15 more minutes, messing around with tracks like “No Flex Zone” and “Versace”.  When the concert finally came to a close, I couldn’t help but feel like this was the first show I’d been to that had been much more about the audience then the performers.  Of course, A$AP killed it and I would really love to see them again.  But honestly, the crowd made the show.  Even as we exited the venue into the coat check area, everyone from 17 to 25 year olds was still chanting, “Sha-Shabba ranks, Sha-Sha-Shabba Ranks! One gold tooth, like I’m Sha-Shabba Ranks!”  Needless to say, this event was a weirdly fun and entertaining highlight of my time abroad in Dopenhagen.

asap pic4

[Photos courtesy of: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles, thehundreds.com]