Abbie Titus Takes Bucknell


If you’ve been to a basketball game or stopped by 7th Street on a Friday night recently, chances are you’ve heard the beautiful Abbie Titus sharing her talent with the world.  Abbie ‘15 serves up a 3 part harmony of the National Anthem at basketball games with two other super talented performers who consistently impress.  Additionally, Abbie frequents 7th Street as a Friday night feature artist.

The first time I heard Abbie sing in 7th, I was totally blown away; my ears put up no protest to her light and refreshing, folksy sound.  Similar in style to The Oh Hello’s or Birdy, Abbie’s beautiful covers of indie-folk songs rival the original artists’ versions.  Similarly, Abbie’s stage presence is unbelievable; watching Abbie perform in front of an audience feels like she’s just having a jam with some friends; comfortable and clearly enjoying herself, Abbie makes her fans feel relaxed and welcome.

After some thorough snooping, I uncovered this version of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love from last year featuring Abbie along with Isaac Dost ‘14 and Drew Picketts ‘14, check it out!

Abbie has been into singing since she began high school and was singing so much around the house that her parents and sister started wearing earmuffs (not sure why-- I would FOLLOW her around if it meant I could hear her sing all day).  On top of singing, Abbie has been playing violin and piano since she was six!

Abbie’s favorite bands include Chris and Thomas (she’s obsessed!), The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, The Head and the Heart, and more!  Abbie loves when music can “carry your mind to another place,” and when it can change people’s thoughts and emotions.  Your music carries our minds to another place, Abbie!

Abbie is a Junior Chemical Engineer and still manages to have time to be a Buckwild leader and a member of the Rooke Chapel Ringers.  Abbie is mad cool and such a talented performer.  If you’re not already religiously going to 7th to see her perform, this is my only advice: GO.

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