Abroad Journalist Attends Ultra in Cape Town, South Africa


This year, hundreds of music lovers spent their Valentines Day at Ultra 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa. Personally, I had never been to an EDM music festival like Ultra, Electric Zoo ,or anything like that, so I was pretty stoked to be able to get a crew together and spend 12 hours on a cleared out ostrich farm with world known performers such as Nicky Romero, Alesso, Martin Garrix, W&W and Tiesto. The experience was unreal. The whole crowd was on the same page; they came to have a good time and loose themselves to some of the best EDM music in the world. Every time a new song came on, there was a new wave of energy from the crowd.

We were lucky to get to the festival early on and watch the crowd grow as the day went on. The venue was set up perfectly; people could gather close to the main stage and jump around in the crowd or they could take food and water breaks, kick off their shoes and chill on the grass further back if they wanted. We obviously partook in both throughout the day. My favorite moment had to be around 8pm when W&W was finishing and I turned around to watch the sun setting and moon rising over the concert. That's when I realized that three hours had flown by because we were all so caught up in the music.

picture 2

My personal favorites were Afrojack and Krewella. However, all the performances were pretty amazing with cool light shows and streamers flowing down from the stage. Obviously, Tiesto’s performance got everyone going with the light shows and confetti, despite the fact it was 1am and people had been going hard since 2 in the afternoon. Although he had a small power outage for a minute, people were going crazy for him until 2 in the morning.

Overall, the entire experience was surreal and one of the most memorable times I’ve had so far while in South Africa and the music stayed with me for days after. It's crazy how the same music brings people together in all places of the world. No matter how much experience you’ve had with EDM music, I really recommend attending a festival at least once in your life!