Aerosol Can: Bom Bom Bom Bom


Just a few days ago, the reggae-electronic music project Major Lazer released their newest music video for “Aerosol Can,” a fast-paced, tribal track that features Pharrell Williams as the primary vocalist and rapper.  Fresh off Major Lazer’s recent EP, Apocalypse Soon, this track just demonstrates more of Pharrell’s already extensive musical abilities.  “Aerosol Can” also takes clear influence from Major Lazer’s father producer, Diplo, with twerkable beats reminiscent of the actual shaking and spraying of an aerosol can.  

The music video opens with a back shot of famed tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant, pointing out where he plans to begin his work against a massive white wall.  As he begins to write, the film quickly transforms into an accelerated video that matches the pace of “Aerosol Can.”  The beginning lyrics, “We behaving bad, we behaving bad, fast wine, slow wine, we behaving bad” are tagged along a wall in bold, black letters.  Immediately after, as Pharrell moves into his first bizarre verse, Giant’s words and letters come to life as animated and very-trippy lyrics along a blank canvas.  Between the wiggling letters, monkey-like beat, and hypnotizing lyrics, you might actually think you’re tripping throughout this video.  It’s an interesting take on a music video, or lyrics video, that expresses Major Lazer’s unique flavor and Pharrell’s eccentric lyrics via Giant’s undeniable calligraphic abilities.  Check it out below!

What We ThinkLaura Yoo