Album Countdown: Where is Ed Sheeran?


The wait for Ed Sheeran’s highly anticipated second studio album continues.  Rumors surrounding the currently untitled album hinted to a February 2014 release date, but as last month came and went without new music, fans are left wondering if a follow up to 2011’s “+” can be expected in the near future.  While a three year absence would suggest the likelihood of an impending release, Ed and his team have remained fairly cryptic, failing to confirm details of the album timeline.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the expected album, Ed Sheeran toured throughout 2013 and has continued to play shows this year.  His live performances have included new songs that he has described as tracks on an upcoming album including “So In Love” which he debuted at a concert at Madison Square Garden.  This song sparked a frenzy of speculation from Ed’s devoted fans, the self-proclaimed “Sheerios”, about new music and his connection with “Everything Has Changed” collaborator, Taylor Swift.  Ed has remained quiet about the inspiration for his latest music, explaining that his new work details his experiences during the past two years.  He has also expressed a desire to prevent early leaks of his new music, yet concert performances have expectedly gone viral on YouTube and social media.


“I See Fire” is Ed’s only official studio release since “+” and was included on the soundtrack for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.  This soulful acoustic performance is clearly an Ed Sheeran original with his trademark sound: heartfelt lyrics set to mellow guitar rhythms.  If this track is any indication of the direction for the new album, Sheerios should be satisfied.


Ed broke his silence in recent weeks, confirming that he has written approximately 120 songs in the course of his past year on the road.  He revealed that his time spent in America has deeply affected and inspired him and his personal encounters are heavily detailed in his lyrics.  With so many options, Ed Sheeran’s new album is sure to impress and we can only hope that he chooses to share his new work sooner rather than later.