Album Preview: Wet’s Don’t You


On January 29th, Brooklyn-based trio Wet will release Don’t You, their highly anticipated first LP. The band’s carefully curated electro-pop sound has stunned critics and fans alike; this album, released via Columbia Records, promises to be as evocative and stunning as their prior material. Last week, Wet released their fifth, and what is probably their final, single before the release of their first full-length at the end of this month. The new track is true to form for the band – lead vocalist Kelly Zutrau’s precise croon is backed by a hurried beat, but upheld by the same driving crescendo of production and R&B guitar as heard on prior singles.


“All the Ways” is by no means the trio’s strongest effort; I much prefer the slow, confident build of September single “Weak”. Even still, compared to the rest of their tracks, their recent single provides the promise of some necessary variety on Don’t You.


Check out the band’s Spotify for an overview of their work prior to their upcoming album:

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