Album Review of I Decided by Big Sean


Big Sean has been on the verge of superstardom for the last three years, and Dark Sky Paradise, Sean’s previous album, was a major push for him. Sean was dominating 2015 with his hit singles, but 2017 was a slow one for him until he released “Bounce Back”, and started his pre-album surge. With the hype in full motion, many people including myself were excited to see if Sean can truly break away with this album, but I believe it was a major flop.  

The three singles Sean released before the album led me to believe the whole album would highlight Sean’s versatile flows and cheeky lyrics. I loved the catchiness of “Bounce Back”, and the slick flow of “Moves”. However, the first half of the album kept me very bored and had me thinking about how similar all of Sean’s songs sounded. Eminem’s verse on “No Favors” did not fulfill the hype for me and “Same Time Pt. 1” sounded exactly like every song on his album TWENTY88. I was a big fan of “Owe Me” however, and I was hoping the second half of the album would recover it.


I enjoyed the second half of I Decided more than the first, and thought Sean had much stronger lyrics and was more experimental. I loved “Halfway Off the Balcony” when it first came out as a single, and thought “Voices In My Head/Stick to the Plan” followed it perfectly. This part of I Decided is where Sean brought out the energy and a sound similar to the one in Dark Sky Paradise, and the one that made him famous. I was also a big fan of sacrifices, and thought Sean’s ability to go back to back with Migos made it the best song on the album. Sean ended his album with “Bigger Than Me”, which made for an emotional and strong closing for a mediocre album.


Looking back at I Decided, Sean has clearly matured from his past music style that relied heavily on silly punch lines and adlibs, and has matured to rapping about more essential issues. The second half of the album truly highlighted Sean potential to be a superstar, but as a whole, I Decided is not the album that will cement Sean as a great. There is still something missing on Sean’s music to put him in the tier of artists like Kanye and Kendrick, but I Decided is still a fun album that most fans would enjoy.

What We ThinkMorgan Klein