Album Review: France by Owlle


Electropop singer Owlle recently released her debut album France as a follow-up to her popular dance track "Ticky Ticky".   Reminiscent of Grimes, but with a more complete vocal track, Owlle's newest LP combines the rawness of Lo-fi emotion with pop rhythm and synth accompaniment.  This dreamy soundscape is something of a foreign sound but with familiar aspects that ease you in as the CD progresses.

Her first track, Fog, features a pulsating beat, stringy backdrop and a refreshingly catchy chorus that aren’t too similar to related electronic artists and that provide a promising intro to the rest of the album.


Not surprisingly, Ticky Ticky which debuted as a single last year, is a standout on the album . A deceivingly mellow start transforms into a "can't resist the beat" club hit. Feminine vocals against a deep bass with the occasional handclap is a pleasantly different sound than what's sweeping the party scene today.

I'm not predicting total popularity with this artist, but Owlle is a great addition to expand your playlist in a really cool and interesting way. Fortunately for us, we can give the entire LP a listen (link featured below) so check it out and let us know what you think!

France by Owlle