Alexi Murdoch


Alexi Murdoch is just as talented as any other artist performing today, mesmerizing his audiences with his slow, moving lyrics attached to his profound skills on the guitar, piano and drums.  Born in London, England to a Greek dad and Scottish-French mother, Murdoch lived in Greece until he was ten years old, then moved to Scotland.  As a result, his music has been influenced by his many different cultural experiences including his time at Duke University in 1992. He ended up in Los Angeles, CA, one of the music capitals of the United States, but ignored many labels and production companies after his music began playing all the time on the radio stations.  In 2002, Murdoch published his own first EP called Four Songs through the website CD Baby.  This EP became the site’s all-time bestselling record surprisingly.  Following this success, Murdoch then performed at SXSW (South By Southwest) as well as Sundance Film Festival.

In 2006, Alexi Murdoch then went on to release his first full album independently calling it Time Without Consequence.  He was even more successful with this album, having it featured on many television shows and films, making it one of the most licensed albums of the decade.  Some shows include The O.C., House, Prison Break, and Ladder 49.  In 2009, Murdoch released yet another album, Towards the Sun, through his website exclusively.  In 2011, he finally released it to everyone else.

Alexi Murdoch is a fantastic singer-songwriter who can be seen as indie as well, but with his mellow yet uplifting tunes, he can reach anyone through song.  His vocals have a great range that only makes his pieces even more beautiful.  He makes writing songs seem much easier than they should be, and the melodies that he creates are more than extraordinary.

“Keep your head above water, but don’t forget to breathe.”