America's Favorite Theme Songs


Music finds its way into every corner of the entertainment industry. From scores to musicals, visual entertainment leans on music to create an emotional and memorable experience. But the songs that really creep into the back of our minds – the ones that relentlessly stick in our heads from massive repetition – are TV show theme songs. These are the songs that bring a rush of nostalgia to our heads the second we hear them, reminding us of the characters we invited into our homes and watched for hours on end. In no particular order, this is a playlist of some of the best theme songs TV has to offer.

Let’s get the inevitable out of the way. There is no theme song quite as notorious, and as celebrated, as that of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Play this in a crowd of people and every single person will rap along.


A simple, yet catchy tune, Family Guy’s wholesome theme song is a perfect complement for the raunchy show.


No theme song will bring a tear to your eye like the Cheers theme song. If you’ve ever watched a cheers rerun, you will immediately feel the nostalgia.


Immediately recognizable, the Entourage theme song is a welcome reminder of the many antics of Vinny and the crew. Just hearing the song will make you want to watch an episode.


The Jeffersons theme song is a perfect come-up song that will have you both dancing and singing before it is over.


The perfect throwback, Scooby-Doo’s theme song will immediately take you back to Sunday morning cartoons.


Love it or hate it, you know The Addams Family theme song. It’s impossible to forget it, really. Listen to this song and I guarantee you will be snapping along.


The Full House theme song just makes you feel like you are a part of their family, warm and retro, it will always be a crowd pleaser.


Definitely one of the biggest jams of the bunch, the Psych theme song will have you air-drumming to every beat.


A song of epic proportions, when the Game of Thrones theme song comes on, you feel like the conductor of a full symphonic orchestra. Although it is an instrumental, it proves to be just as catchy as these other theme songs.


Another instrumental, The Office’s theme song has a melancholy tune, leaving you longing for the time when this hilarious show was still on air.


You’re simply lying if you say you don’t get inspired by the Pokémon theme song. It’s fun, it’s dramatic, and it definitely is one of the most memorable theme songs out there.


If you don’t clap every time you hear the first line of the Friends theme song, then you’re doing something wrong. This theme song took the charts by storm and has stood the test of time – undeniably one of the best.