America’s Next Top Model: Foster the People


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you’ve found your way to this article in hopes of reading about America’s Next Top Model or Tom Brady’s wife, I regret to inform you that you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you’re looking for a solid overview of the newest type of supermodel, Foster the People’s album, then please, read on.

“Feels like, feels like it’s coming/It feels like, feels like I’m coming of age.”After taking the world by storm in 2011 with the release of their freshmen album Torches, these lyrics from Foster the People’s newest release “Coming of Age” establish the tone surrounding the much anticipated release of their newest album Supermodel.

Soon after Foster the People fell off the grid, I was skeptic as to whether or not they would be able to produce another album that would rival the quality and success of Torches. It’s a recurring theme, especially in the alternative/indie scene, that after a band experiences a “big break” they tend to change their sound in order to conform to stereotypes of the genre and appease the general audience. However, when confronted with questions regarding the style and sound of the upcoming record during an interview with Rolling Stone, Mark Foster admitted:

“Once I write something, I never try to write that same style again, because I get very schizophrenic musically. This record, I went into it wanting to do something more organic and human, because the first record was so electronic and synthetic – in a cool way, I'm not putting it down, that's just what it was. So this record, I wanted to make something more human and let the songs breathe and grow and turn and take left turns and not come back if they want to. So it's a brave record. It started in Morocco. We did most of it in L.A. and then ended in London. I took from my travels in the Middle East, Africa and all year and put that perspective into the record, so it's got an interesting mix of things. I'm excited to play it live. It's a record that's going to come to life more onstage.”

After reading through Foster’s interview with Rolling Stone, my skepticism dissipated and transformed into impatience as I craved a taste of the maturing and changing sound of Foster the People. Although I was a huge fan of Torches and its electronic vibes, Foster the People is making a bold, yet wise decision by switching up their sound opposed to regurgitating the sound and style of Torches.

Based on the three releases “Coming of Age”, “Psuedologia Fantastica”, and “Best Friend”, it’d be safe to say that Supermodel is turning out to be everything that Foster predicted. Although the songs prove to be reminiscent of Torches, they each present a different aspect of Foster the People that wasn’t necessarily demonstrated previously. Over the past year or so, Mark Foster has travelled the world and embarked on various musical endeavors unrelated to Foster the People that have drastically affected the direction of the album.


Overall, if you’re looking for an album that sounds exactly like “Pumped Up Kicks”, this definitely isn’t the album for you; however, if you’re looking for a progressive sound with layers of innovative effects and instrumentation, then you’ve come to the right place.