An Unclassified Guide to Keeping Music in Your Life Beyond College


So here’s the situation: you’ve been making music your entire life, possibly performed throughout your college career, and maybe you’ve even majored in it! Maybe you just started singing, or playing a new instrument, or even listening to that artist that no one knows yet but will inevitably fall into some sort mainstream popularity. Regardless, imagine you’re about to graduate (sorry seniors, I know, WAY too soon) and you want to keep up with music in some way but you don’t how. Fear not! I’ve put together a few ways to help you keep performing and listening to great music even when you’re finally kicked out of your dorm room and have to find a new life in the real world. Going to graduate school? Great!

Whether you decide to get a higher-level degree in music or not, you’ll most likely be at an institution that has a music program or brings in concert events. It’s never too late to join a university ensemble, whether you sing or play an instrument. Create your own group if you want! You could even have a jazz group of just graduate students if that tickles your fancy.

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Hot Tip: Most universities, like Bucknell, offer discounts to students for all kinds of concerts. Take advantage of your situation and listen to amazing music while it’s cheap. In Boston, the Boston Conservatory, New England Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music are located just blocks away from each other and provide world-class entertainment for as low as around $25 per ticket (wow, what a low price)! Here’s a reel of some clips of the amazing talent you can find!



If you don’t want to perform, you’re always more than welcome to attend any university performance. The town you’re in also hopefully has some coffee shop gigs or alternative music hubs as opposed to university-sponsored ensembles or campus-wide concerts with popular artists.

Moving to somewhere you’ve never lived before, with or without a job? Don’t worry you’re not the only one, buddy!

You’ve officially made it to the real world! Congrats! What do you do now…? First thing’s first. Figure out where the hot spots in town are. Is there a bar with a great open mic session in town? Is there an a cappella group you can join? Once you discover some options, find out if you can perform or audition for them or when those gigs are going so you can get some friends together and jam out.

As an example that you can keep up with other students at the same time, here’s Street Ready, an a cappella group with a whole bunch of Bucknell alumni including Ryan Tomasello, Casey Hubert, Jenna Masi, and Allison Gibson. Click on the photo to check out their group!

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Want another idea? Here you go!

Pick up a new hobby (or career, why not?) and start learning to play an instrument or sing! You can teach yourself or find lessons! Maybe you’re new roommate who you were really unsure about at first is actually really chill and can teach you something about playing wicked heavy metal guitar solos or trippy vocal trance music. Why not take someone on a date to the opera and show them a thing or two about how cultured you are (brush up on the show first though!)? Go to a music festival for your vacation, there’s certainly not a shortage of them and there’s one for every taste in music.

Music shouldn’t be something you have to give up when you leave college. It’s something that connects us all together and you’re bound to find people that enjoy it just as much as you. Happy hunting!

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