Artist Spotlight: Gordi


Finals at Bucknell overlapped with the Bon Iver shows in NYC this year, which was aggravating to say the least. After hearing my siblings rave about how amazing his performance was, they also brought to my attention their newfound love for Gordi, who performed as the opening act. After listening to just one song, “Can We Work It Out,” I was hooked. Gordi, otherwise known as Sophie Payten, released her EP, Clever Disguise, in May 2016. The EP includes 5 songs. Gordi’s music is unique in a similar way to that of Bon Iver. Her vocals are strong and form the foundation for the rest of the instruments. She uses electronic sounds in combination with delicate and wistful lyrics to create an engaging musical experience.

Recently, I’ve had “Can We Work It Out” on repeat and surprisingly haven’t gotten sick of it yet. The acoustic sounds along with the strong drum beat in the intro form the skeleton of the song, which is layered with vocals, keyboard, and electronics. The chorus is especially catchy; I found myself singing it for days after listening to it just a few times.

Another great song on the EP is “So Here we Are,” which resembles many aspects of Bon Iver’s style. Gordi incorporates a heartbeat like drum beat coupled with a strong electronic keyboard presence. This song is more low key than “Can We Work It Out.” I find myself listening to it when I am in a more relaxed mood.

Gordi just finished up her tour and is back home in Australia. In terms of the future, all that has been announced is that she will be playing in Dublin and Barcelona in the spring. I am hopeful that she will make her way back to NYC soon and I am eager to hear some of her new music in the future.

Image by Drew Noorily.