Artist Spotlight: Moose Blood


English emo band Moose Blood formed in Canterbury, Kent in 2012. The band consists of lead vocalist Eddy Brewerton, guitarist Mark Osborne, bassist Kyle Todd, and drummer Glenn Harvey. The band has one commercially released EP, Moving Home, which gives a preview to the sound of the band’s debut album I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time which was released in 2014. Just last year, the band released their second full-length album Blush. The band formed in an attempt to revive the style of 90’s emo music, which was evident in 90’s band American Football. As a result, an element that is prominent in all of the band’s releases are confessional lyrics intended to tell the reader a story and evoke emotion in them. Another prominent element is a loud, passionate voice, which is accompanied solely by guitars and drums. The lack of electronic accompaniment allows guitarists Osborne and Todd, along with drummer Todd, to contribute significantly to the overall ambience of each song, and subsequently showcase their talents for the instruments. Such elements are present in “Bukowski,” which was released in their premier EP in 2013.

In the band’s album following their EP, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time, draws inspiration from pop-punk bands such as Brand New and Taking Back Sunday can be seen. For instance, lyrics are occasionally scream-sung throughout their debut album, which was a vocal technique used by both pop-punk bands. Similar to such bands, the band is able to tell stories of heartbreak and suffering through their songs, despite their otherwise upbeat nature. This ability can be seen through the song “Boston,” which, in spite of the fast-paced beat of the song, is able to depict the anguish of a man who is aware of the fact that his partner is cheating on him.

While the primary elements that make the band memorable are present in Moose Blood’s sophomore album Blush, there are a few changes in sound that distinguish it from the band’s previous releases. First of all, through the increased use of catchy hooks, the album appears to have stronger influences of pop. Additionally, the album has slower paced, ballad-like songs that are able to display vocalist Brewerton’s raw, expressive vocals more than the band’s previous releases have. For instance, the song “Shimmer” is rather slow-paced and initially has muted instrumentals in order to use Brewerton's vocals to properly display the wave of emotions that come with seeing an old lover.

If you’re a fan of classic emo and pop punk music, or are simply looking for songs that are able to tell sentimental tales of love, heartbreak, tragedy, and moving on, Moose Blood is just the band to listen to.

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