Artist Spotlight: Shura


 She grew up immersed in the arts as the daughter of a Russian actress and English documentary filmmaker, and began to dabble in music and production as a college student. Following a gap year, during which she honed her songwriting skills, Shura began writing, producing, and remixing her own music.  

Her three singles, “2Shy,” “Touch,” and most recently, “Indecision,” revamp 90’s R&B and pop while simultaneously touching on current trends in electronic music. The catchy, synth-heavy backing sounds evoke the music of Blood Orange, while her smooth vocals have a Haim-like quality to them.


This effortless fusion of genre marks a mature, refined style also evoked in her lyrics.  Shura’s lyrics are honest and capture the fragility of human emotion; on “Touch,” she sings, “you want to touch me but there’s too much history,” an admission both intimate and widely relatable.


Shura recently announced that her debut album, Nothing’s Real, would be released this July. The album is highly anticipated, as Shura has received numerous critical accolades for her work already. For example, the artist was longlisted for the BBC Sound of 2015 poll. The award, later received by Years & Years, also featured many of my personal favorites, including Låpsley, James Bay, and SOAK.


Listen to her discography via the “Complete Shura Playlist” on Spotify:




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