Artist to Watch – Shakey Graves


If you are a fan of the Friday Night Lights television series, you may recognize Alejandro Rose-Garcia, A.K.A Shakey Graves, from his recurring role as “The Swede.”  Lately though, this Austen native has been making a splash in across his hometown for his musical prowess. Shakey Graves is a consummate one man band, playing precise finger-patterns on his worn hollow-body guitar, crooning whiskey soaked lyrics, while adding percussion by hitting a homemade kick drum and tambourine fashioned from a suitcase.

What is most impressive about his music, however, is its playfulness. Grave’s unique blend of country and mountain folk is made whole by the way he plays with tempo and volume. His music is swirling – in one moment he may be singing quietly over a soft guitar riff, the next he rips it to shreds with a single distorted chord and a striking of his drum, returning to the quiet shortly after.

This attention to volume forces his audience to listen intently to the barely audible moments and surprises them when he decides to crack the whip. Check it out on his single “Word of Mouth:”

Grave’s skill on the guitar is also worth noting – his unusual finger patterns lean and meander behind his vocals, while his bouncy chordal work provides its own rhythm, which is only bolstered by his pulsing kick drum. His approach to the guitar feels simultaneously rustic and fresh and ultimately, quite natural.

While his songs tend to be on the lengthier side, typically four to six minutes, he is able to manage this through his attention to volume and tempo.

To hear more of Shakey Graves’ music, check out his website where you can purchase his Donor Blues EP for $7 and his full-length album, Roll the Bones for any price you wish!


Shakey Graves’ Website: