Audiotree Live: Growing Music


Over in Chicago, Illinois, Audiotree has been doing big things for the music world. Audiotree is a company that provides many different services within the music industry including concert promotion, artist management, and concert filming, among others. With the motto “We grow music”, their main focus is to form meaningful connections within the industry and to benefit the artists in any way possible. Among its many services, their live in-studio concert series Audiotree Live is by far the most popular. Audiotree Live hosts up-and-coming bands and artists from any genre, where they film and record sessions of them performing live. The recordings on the video sessions are the live mix, too—this means they do not perform any post-production editing. That way, fans will know exactly how the bands are actually performing. The sound is totally “real”, making the sessions authentic and natural. Between songs, the good-humored Audiotree staff will occasionally ask the bands questions to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere and give more insight into the music that fans wouldn’t necessarily get from just the music itself. The live studio is arranged and lit differently to create the appearance of being a totally new environment from session to session. Well over a hundred bands have done sessions at the studio since 2010, and they do a great job of bringing in new bands very frequently. With that being said, it’s always only a short matter of time before you discover something you really enjoy. With Audiotree Live, it’s not uncommon to learn of a new favorite band after watching the video session of another. And who doesn’t love new music?

Audiotree Live allows any bands or solo artists from any genre to submit their music for a chance to record a live session. This makes it a great promotional opportunity for up-and-coming bands to reach a larger audience with their music. Because of Audiotree, I’ve now taken an interest in many bands that I otherwise would have never heard, or at least not so soon. Because of its rise in popularity, many hopeful bands are waiting for an opportunity to showcase their live set at the studio, which is exciting for music aficionados everywhere. In regards to their mission of forming genuine relationships and connections in music, I’d say they’re doing a pretty darn good job.

Beyond the BubbleJoe Tull