“Avant Gardener” by Gordi (Courtney Barnett Cover)


“Avant Gardener” originally by Courtney Barnett tells the story of an underemployed girl going out to her garden late on a Monday morning and suffering from a panic attack. Barnett’s songs builds on the rambling irreverence of mid-‘60s singers like Bob Dylan and Neil Young with a stylistic blend of psychedelic, folk, and country sounds.    

Gordi is a 22-year old Australian, who began at an early age through work with her piano teacher mother.  Her first track, “Nothing As It Seems”, released October 3 2014, gives us a glance at the singer/songwriters reflective lyrics and haunting vocals.  With a sound reminiscent of Carole King and Joni Mitchell, Gordi captures the wispiness of these 1970s female icons, while bringing a modern resonance all her own.  



Gordi’s intricate, emotionally charged vocals meet her skilled instrumental performance in this cover of Barnett’s breakthrough single.  The once wandering, abstract guitar-rock track is transformed into a whispering piano ballad.  As she sings Barnett’s words “I’m having trouble breathing in” we see just how skilled Gordi really is, as she transforms Barnett’s witty track into a deeply heartfelt tale.