Avicii’s Still at it Despite His Recent Medical Concerns


Many of us Bucknellians are familiar with Avicii’s recent health issues; in fact, it was around the time that he was supposed to come to Bucknell that he began canceling shows for health reasons.  Unfortunately, after a gall bladder surgery and an appendix removal, signs do not seem to be improving.  He ended up having to cancel his headlining spot at TomorrowWorld and recently canceled all future shows.  While it may seem hard to find any glimmer of light from this, Avicii has once again given us something to hold on to: the Swedish producer has been steadily working on new music – and his latest release is awesome.

His latest release, “The Days”, was a very redeeming track for me.  I wasn’t the greatest fan of True as a whole (go ahead, hate me), and I wasn’t sure what kind of direction he would be heading in after that album.  Fortunately, “The Days” is like a culmination of everything the producer has tried up to this point; there are definitely many elements of True, but I can also hear some of his older sound, particularly in the last half of the song.

The song begins with a very catchy acoustic melody with a jungle-like percussion.  The track is then complemented perfectly with vocals from Robbie Williams.   Around 3 minutes into the song it really starts to pick up; Avicii brings in his signature synth, very reminiscent of stuff you’d hear off of True or some of his remixes preceding the release of that album.  Unfortunately, what I find to be the best part of the song is short-lived.  We get this awesome synth for about the last minute of the song, and then it’s over.  I think the build of the song is perfect, but it could be better if it were maybe another minute longer with a second drop.  Regardless, I have very few negative things to say about the track – hell, there’s no way I could do any better given his circumstance.

So, give it a listen if you haven’t already, add it to your pregame/super Saturday playlists, and be grateful that, despite battling health issues, Avicii continues to put out music we can vibe to.

[Image sourced from fistintheair.com]