Back to School Playlist for January


Sorry for the delay, Bucknellians, but Campus Vinyl is getting back into the swing of things. New year means new music, so join us as we compile our favorite songs from January. Avid is slow rapping with iLoveMakonnen ft. Ezra Koenig & Despot to "Down 4 So Long (Remix)."

Everyone's sick and tired of Tuesday, so here's a new iLoveMakonnen song everyone can obsess over. It's the perfect combination of catchy, witty, and unexpected. Also, Ezra slow rapping is fantastic and takes me back to when L'Homme Run was a thing.


Staci just found "Giant" by Matrimony.

I found this song from HBO's "Girls" and am currently hooked. The songs interesting vocals and chords make it almost spooky but that's possibly why it's so awesome.


Laura is back and listening to "Wanderlust" by The Weeknd.

"Wanderlust" from this sexy (or sexual, rather?) singer's 2013 album has definitely been one of my most-played tracks recently. Not as provocative as many of the Weeknd's other songs, it's an upbeat, catchy tune with very film-ish vibes - check it ouuttttttttt


Caroline is rediscovering "Home bird" by Foy Vance.

Rediscovered this gem from high school over the break. Such an easy listen, check it out!


Jason's song is "Only One" by Kanye West featuring Paul McCartney (yes, from the Beatles).

This song is quite a change from Kanye's recent work. It's a more emotional side and a throwback to his earlier days. The strong autotune and synth piano sound like a Kanye-ified Elton John track.


Morgan B is pumping things up with Foxy Shazam's "Second Floor."

If you're in need of a pump up song, weather you're using it in the gym or just strollin to class, here you go! This group is pretty unique in their loud vocals and mix of music, check them out.


Paige is confused by "I'm an Albatraoz" AronChupa. Great Gatsby's bass drop. I'm confused, I have no idea what's happening, but I like it....a lot.


Tom is chilling out to "Long Time Gone" by Crosby, Stills & Nash.

This is easily one of the greatest folk songs ever written. It's a classic off of the groups debut album in 1969.


Jen is feeling upbeat with "The Bells" by Lowell.

I recently heard this song and love its upbeat tempo, pretty vocals and cool bell sounds. It's such a unique song, and a great way to get in a good mood.


Louise is jamming to "Say My Name" by ODESZA feat. Zynga.

My little sister showed me this song over winter break and I can't get enough. Between the funky beat and electronic synthesis, this song will be on repeat after your first listen.


Jake is listening to "Don't You Give Up On Me" by Milo Greene.

Indie pop-rock with tight harmonies. This album is a must-listen.


Marcus is trying something knew with The Devil Makes Three's "Stranger."

I've decided to try and listen to a lot more music that I wouldn't normally listen to in the hopes of finding something new I liked and this is definitely a great find! With a fun sound that lies somewhere in between country/folk and ragtime/rockabilly, "Stranger" is a catchy number from The Devil Makes Three that'll make you want to wiggle your finger and sing along. The band has actually been around since 2002 and has other great hits like "Old Number Seven" and "Beneath the Piano" that'll make you like this bluesy kind of country without all of those country stereotypes getting in the way of your jamming.


Justin is loving "The Place You Love" by Have Mercy.

"Have Mercy just released a new album, A Place of Our Own, and this track was instantly my favorite. It's everything I love about the band, and the lyrics speak so sweetly to my old emo-scene soul."


Nick is throwing it back to "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart.

I've been bumping some serious throwback/super sat songs and this song has got me feeling some sort of way. truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- 2 Chainz


Connor just discovered "Let it Lie" by The Bros. Landreth.

I just found this song today and I'm in love with it. The singer's voice is really soulful and you can tell he's singing from the heart on this piece. I'm really bummed that they only have two songs on Spotify but I'm definitely excited that I found this band!