Band of Horses Debut Acoustic Sound


Band of Horses is taking a more authentic approach to showcasing their folk sound with Acoustic at the Ryman, a live album set for release on February 11th. The South Carolina natives recorded the album exclusively during a live set at the Ryman Theater in Nashville, TN. This is the band’s first release since the 2012 studio album, Mirage Rock.

I was lucky enough to see Band of Horses live in Philadelphia during the winter of 2012 and I became instantly obsessed with the quality of their performance. I wanted a live release from the band and Acoustic at the Ryman definitely delivers. The album features vocals, piano, and guitar almost exclusively, creating a stripped down sound that highlights the raw emotion of lyrics and the voice of Ben Bridwell, the band’s lead singer.

The album features music from the band’s 2006-2012 releases producing a diverse array of music and sounds. Rolling Stone offered a free preview of select album tracks this week including my personal favorite, “The Funeral”. The studio recording of this song on Everything All the Time builds from a fragile opening verse to an aggressive chorus which while strong, arguably drowns the vocals. Acoustic at the Ryman takes a much more melodic approach with gentle piano accompaniment for “The Funeral”, giving one of the band’s most popular songs a new sound. Similar techniques transform “No One’s Gonna Love You” and “Slow Cruel Hands of Time” to richer representations of the band’s musical talents.

Band of Horses is launching a small scale acoustic tour in support of Acoustic at the Ryman throughout February and March. The tour will conclude at the Ryman Theater in Nashville as a unique musical homecoming experience.