The Bands You Might Not Know But Probably Should: Fitz and the Tantrums


You may recognize them from their 2011 hit single MoneyGrabber or maybe from their most recent hit "More Than Just A Dream", but Fitz & the Tantrums is a band you just gotta keep on hand.

Motown mixed with pop-synth, or as Fitz describes it “soul-influenced indie pop”, its a familiar sound that’s never been heard before. With electronic organs, soulful saxophone, and jazz drums, the band is surprisingly modern yet reminiscent of Hall & Oates.

It's that perfect fix for whenever you need music in your life, but are just not sure what to listen to. Good to get you up and going, Fits & the Tantrums has the ability to add another dimension to your iTunes library.

Both their albums Pickin’ Up the Pieces and More Than Just a Dream are excellent all the way through and know how to appropriately open with a great tempo, slow it down for a bit, but then pick it back up again before you get too bored. I’m super picky when it comes to full albums, but theirs is one I could listen to in its entirety over and over again.

Pickin' Up the Pieces   more than just a dream

As for live performance, Fitz kills it! The whole band is eager to participate which is something that’s always a gamble, especially with larger ensembles. Nicole Scaggs (vocals and percussion) keeps the audience going the entire set with her dance moves, passionate tambourine, and rallies to the audience. There will not be a dull moment. Best of all, it's not one of those performances where you don’t need to know all of the songs to have a good time. Instead, both the energy of the crowd and that of the band will make it feel like you’re at a party with all your best friends.


Whatever you do, give ‘em a listen- it’ll be worth your time.