Ben Howard: Surfer Singer-Songwriter


Born in a small town called Totnes, near London, Ben Howard was inspired by music at an early age.  His parents who were music lovers influenced him as well, which led Howard into writing and playing music as a child.  Although inspired by Bob Dylan and John Martyn, Ben Howard did not necessarily follow in their footsteps; rather, he created his own unique guitar playing style characterized by flawless fingerpicking accompanied by deep and thoughtful lyrics.  His musical ability is complimented by his young, adventurous lifestyle that any one of us can relate to.  He says, “I travel lots, surf when I can, probably drink too much, definitely think too much, and at 22 still make irrational choices. I like the outdoors and the autumn. I’m happiest at home with friends, and my favourite fruit would have to be a pear.”  How could you not like an artist who says this kind of stuff and lives his life like this? No matter what I say or how I describe Ben Howard and his musical talents, it will not justify how great he actually is. His videos are fantastic and the band the he plays with only adds to the significance of his songs.  His concerts, I believe, are the best – great stage presence with a voice that resonates beyond just the venue make for an overall outstanding performance.  He released his first EP Games in the Dark in 2008, These Waters in 2009, followed by Old Pine in 2010, and his first album, Every Kingdom, in 2011.  In 2013, Ben Howard won the British Breakthrough Act as well as the British Solo Male Artist, showing his followers and anyone else that his musical ability is only improving steadily.  Awards and accomplishments only say so much, so in order to truly gain an understanding, just listen to “The Fear” or “Only Love” (both on Every Kingdom).  I promise you it’s worth the time.