Best Remixes for a Good Time


Recently I’ve been gravitating more towards remixes than original songs. Overplayed popular songs can tend to get annoying after a while, but finding new versions of them is an awesome way to still appreciate them. The songs in the playlist are great for atmospheric music; I love just having them play in the background, whether I’m doing homework or just hanging with friends. Although I am not a huge fan of Kygo or The Chainsmokers, I have really come to appreciate their remixes. If you are looking for some energizing tracks, I would suggest listening to “White Tiger (Marcus Layton Radio Edit)” or “It’s You (The Rooftop Boys Remix [Radio Edit])”. “Cut your Teeth (Kygo Remix)” and “Just a Lover (Pomo Remix)” are perfect if you are looking for something more laid back.

I’d definitely suggest exploring Soundcloud and Spotify for new remixes; it’s always interesting to see how artists can transform even horrible songs into awesome remixes.

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