BEYONCÉ: Music Re-Envisioned


I should just the end the article right here. I mean, what else is there to say about Beyoncé and her brilliant new visual album and all of its musical glory? ... Well, there’s actually a lot. So here’s what you need to know and how to start:

  1. Get the album. (You’re on your way, kid.)
  2. Watch and listen to the entire album. (Do it in one sitting. This way you can grasp the whole experience. Get comfy, relax, and prepare your mind and body.)
  3. After the credits, reaffirm that Beyoncé is essentially (for all intents and purposes) the most amazing person on the planet at this moment and ever.

Explaining what happens as a result of completing Step 2:

As we all know, Beyoncé released her self-titled album back in December without any prior advertising, hype, nothing. It was a secret one day and the next it was the talk of the music world. And who could challenge her methods? The album met huge success and landed her a fifth solo-album on the Billboard 200.


If you can’t tell, I’m absolutely raving about this album. Each song on this album is a hit in its own way. Every hook, every narrative, and every video on this album mesmerizes you. Beyoncé drops a track on this album for every listener. The combination of sound and visuals is absolutely stunning. Each song has its own mini cinematic feature and the entire album could be a full-length film with the best soundtrack now known to humankind.

Beyoncé isn’t afraid to go to new places musically.  She dares to venture into more taboo topics in unique ways as well visit old ones. She takes influence from her past work as well incorporating other art forms like spoken-word in “***Flawless feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie”. She makes sure everyone’s got her name on their lips in “Yoncé”, tells you who wears the pants in the relationship in “Mine feat. Drake”, and even visits death, coping, and positive outlook in “Heaven”.

Not to mention she also covers some really relevant societal issues like female empowerment and sexuality in ways only Beyoncé can translate to her audience. It’s a dangerous route for any artist to go, even for her. But maybe because it was Beyoncé that made this album and because we hold her to such high standards and have such respect and fanaticism for her, the music and its message have that much more of an impact.

For example, Pretty Hurts starts off the album and with quite the bang, no less. The hook is desperate and so is the message. Beyoncé dares to tread on the topic of superficiality and eating disorders through the visual experience of a beauty pageant and all of the pressures from the society to conform to a single feminine standard of beauty. At the end, the chorus grows in one final cry where she destroys all of her trophies and a very powerful post-chorus follows ending with a recording of one of her past successes as a child.


The music is so genuine and diverse you can be listening through your headphones one minute and getting down hard the next, it’s practically indescribable. Did I mention that it also features a superstar line-up of her rapper husband, Jay-Z, their adorable child, Blue Ivy Carter, Drake, Frank Ocean, and a whole slew of others mentioned in the credits, including her sister, Solange Knowles.

While I could go on for(ever) a lot longer, I have to leave it at this. We’ve always loved Beyoncé but here we see how much she’s grown as a musician and an artist. A whole new lifetime is told in this album, unlike any other before it. Although I’m still reeling from how amazing this whole album is, I can’t wait to keep re-listening and see where she goes from here.

Here’s another link to her lead single from the album, Drunk in Love feat. Jay-Z. Jam out my friends.


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