A Big 'Yes' to NONONO


Is it possible to say ‘yes’ to ‘no’? Absolutely. ‘Cause earlier in September, artist NONONO released their EP. And it seriously rocks. This Swedish alternative/electronic pop trio featuring lead singer Stina Wäppling compares to-and rivals-the likes of Ellie Goulding and Icona Pop. The group specializes in upbeat, electronic dance music that very much aligns with what’s currently playing on American radios and music television.


“Pumpin Blood,” the group’s hit single, showcases the diverse talents and creativity of the award-winning production duo behind NONONO’s music, Astma & Rocwell. The song combines funky electronic sounds; a catchy ‘whistle’ harmony; a forceful drumbeat; and Wäppling’s sweet yet powerful vocals into an energetic, fun, feel-good song that won’t leave your head for days. Check out the acoustic version too: equally as awesome.

“Jungle,” another song on NONONO’s EP, channels an animalistic vibe. As Wäppling sings about sexual encounters with lovers, her vocals are mixed with subtle animal-like shouts, plus mellow guitar and electronic keyboard notes. All these elements combine and work well together in this emotional, unique song.

“Like the Wind” and “Fire Without a Flame” are the other two songs on the EP. On these tracks, NONONO combines emotional, from-the-heart lyrics with a plethora of computerized sounds and echo-ey vocals.Listening to these songs is ultimately a listening experience: the songs are creatively constructed, artistically executed, and 100% enjoyable.

Preview or buy NONONO’s EP on iTunes, and check out their Facebook and Twitter profiles. We can’t WAIT to see what this artist will do next.