Bison Beats: The Man Behind the Music

At Bucknell, there's music all around us. Between student performers, Weis Center events, jazz in Bucknell Hall, and the throwback music in the Caf, music surrounds us on campus. And now, it's finally in the Bison.

The hub of student life at Bucknell, the Bison was in serious need of a music makeover. Before the new General Manager of Retail Operations Kim Schmitt came to Bucknell, the Bison was music-less. Now, you can hear a variety of genres during your lunch hour, homework session, or hangout with friends., the Bison uses an iPod filled with music and playlists, ranging from pop, jazz, classic rock, and much more.

"When I first arrived, many students I met asked if we could havemusic in the Bison. [Now], the Bison plays everything from today's top hits to jazz," Schmitt said.

Schmitt saw that students were in need of music during their time spent in the Bison. As a solution, Schmitt first decided to plug in his phone with Pandora on it."Our staff now controls the music [at all hours]," Schmitt said.

So far, Schmitt has received positive feedback from students. When before the Bison was a nice place for students, it's now much more inviting, fun, and lively because of the music.

"Students say they love it," Schmitt said.

No matter if it's jazz at 7:30 a.m. or today's top hits at noon, thanks to Schmitt, the beat now goes on in the Bison.

Bucknell NewsJen Lassen