Blink 182 Drama: Skiba in, DeLonge out


What’s worse than baby-mamma drama you ask? Oh, that’s actually quite the simple question; Blink 182 drama. Was that the best comparison I could have selected? Well, that question is a tad more complex. Anyways, the pop punk gods of the 90s are back on the front page but not because they have released another album or have decided to headline a tour; instead, singer and guitarist,Tom DeLonge has indefinitely left the band….again.

Way back in the day, say 2005, after several years of success and debauchery, Blink decided to take an indefinite hiatus as there were several internal arguments among band members regarding the future of the band and its interference with various side projects and personal lives. After a five year break, the band decided to rekindle the magic and take the world by storm through various tours and ultimately releasing an album in 2011. To be honest, they probably been better off not releasing that album, but I digress. After the album release, Blink continued to tour and feed off the money of those still obsessed with the 90s; however, after being announced as a headliner Musink festival, talk of a hiatus surfaced once again.

During the first day or so of the news regarding Blink’s future, there were several mixed reports and no one seemed to really know what was actually happening. While sources claimed that Tom had ‘quit’ the band; Tom himself claimed that he never left the band and the media was just speculating. Blink fans rejoiced and promptly bumped “All the Small Things”.

The world seemed to be back in equilibrium and everyone was happy until the remaining members of Blink 182, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, got a chance to sit down with Rolling Stone and set everything straight. Rolling Stone really hit the ball out of the park by claiming Hoppus and Barker blasted DeLonge.

During the interview, Hoppus and Barker go onto explain that they weren’t surprised that DeLonge decided to pull out of Blink’s current plans in order to pursue other musical endeavors. In the past, everything seemed to revolve around DeLonge and his needs while Hoppus and Barker were forced to work around Tom. Basically, the whole interview can be summed up with this statement: “it’s hard to cover for someone who’s disrespectful and ungrateful…To say, ‘I didn’t quite the band’ is just not true. It’s disingenuous”. However, for more information please check out the remainder of the article here.

As a Blink 182 fan myself, this is definitely sad news as they were expected to release a new album. While I wasn’t a huge fan of their latest album Neighborhoods, Blink claimed that this upcoming album was bound to be fresh and innovative. In the past, things usually go awry when bands make such a statement; however, I was generally curious. Despite Tom leaving the band, they will still perform at an upcoming festival with the co-lead singer of Alkaline Trio, Mat Skiba. This will be an interesting experiment for Blink and hopefully enjoyable for its fan base. Let’s be honest, Tom definitely isn’t the best singer around and I think mixing in a new, fresh voice could do Blink some justice. I have listened to Alkaline Trio and Skiba’s work and I think he will fit into the mix rather well. While Blink will obviously have to work the set list around Skiba’s strengths, it will give them a chance to play some lesser known songs and really experiment.

Meanwhile, according to Entertainment Weekly, DeLonge is slated to release some music this upcoming March. Supposedly he has been working on these songs for quite some time and has been sampling them via Instagram accompanied by #SongsWithoutAHome. To be honest, DeLonge is starting to sound like a teenage girl and I’m just not buying into his guise. For more information check out this article.

I’m sure this hiatus won’t last for long and once DeLonge realizes he needs a little more cash, he will contact Barker and Hoppus and Blink 182 will be on the scene once again. However, for now, let’s see how DeLonge’s new music sounds and whether or not Matt Skiba is a better member of Blink than Tom.

Image courtesy of wikipedia