Blue and Lonesome


The legends are back in the game. The Rolling Stones, the ageless wonders, are dropping an album on December 3rd which is likely to sell very well and open up a large tour for 2017. The Stones have said that this is a blues-inspired album and have increasingly hyped it up during their fall tour stops. The Stones can still rock as good as anyone, and showed that in two awesome shows at Desert Trip followed by a show in Las Vegas in mid-October. They have announced a collaboration with legendary rocker Eric Clapton which is sure to add more intrigue to the cover album, titled Blue and Lonesome. Mick Jagger and his band have released a track, “Just a Fool,” which added a very cool blues fair with the work of Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood back on their roles of guitarist and bassist.

While it would be hard to predict just how great the album will be, it is likely to sell very well based off the incredible track record of the band’s approximately fifty years of work. There will also be incredible anticipation for a tour sometime in 2017, which will likely bring them to stadiums around the country and places around Europe. The Stones can sell out any stadium in the world and are still rocking out so I am sure that they album will have a few hits along with a few misses which is expected by a group with members in their early 70s. The Stones have rocked all over the world and the expectation that this could be one of their last world tours. They have done a lot of work and seen a lot of things and even though Blue and Lonesome is likely to be remembered for centuries they will work their classic ability to intrigue an audience.

Their covers of famous blues songs represent a conservative approach to the new album, but also a big step in a different direction. After the terrible performance in Bridges to Babylon (1997) the Stones are likely to be much more conservative in their progressions and release something that the audience will respect to sell well commercially. No matter how this album does there is no doubt they will sell out tour dates and end up making money but they will want to replace the stigma of just how poorly received their 1997 effort was.

As sad as it is, the Stones are getting to the end of the road and they are likely lacking the energy to put the time and effort into a solid effort and we will give them a pass because of all the work they have done over the years. Their work is still beloved to this day, and they toured all around the globe and worked hard to earn as much as they did. They definitely deserve to retire, but they are not quite to that stage. Until we will enjoy Blue and Lonesome and and other future Stones venture because they will always be the greatest.

Finally, a link to my favorite song on the album “I Can’t Quit You Baby”:


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